Software Uploader – LabVIEW

Software Uploader is a part of Remote Control Application, target for this functionality was to automatically upload 50GB’s of files to 36 machines, with MD5 check and with record to DB if the upload was successful. Before this application we had to do this manually, so we had to copy from network drive to each machine folder with files and run MD5 check for each file. Each machine had 7 slots, this was next step to upload on each position manually and also check MD5.

Because of that this application is a part of Remote Control, we can select multiple machines and in one click we can start task to download files from network drive in background, so we won’t stop production. When download to machine is complete we can now schedule with production stop for 3-4hrs to do upload on each position on selected machines, also with one click we are sending task to machines by Remote Control Panel. Application is downloading in the same time to all 7 slots. This application reduced production stop time from 24hrs to only 3-4hrs, so we can stop production and upload to 252 slots in same time.