Live results from production floor. Live FTQ


Last year I have spent some time developing tool for my company. I have went from simple application that save results to csv file, and then showing it on end station (supervisor station). This application went ftq live labview appfrom small easy application to big complex tool. During this year of development I had to find solution for many performance issues, you can imagine that application has to be flexible to use on other production lines, I had to be so flexible to add new option every week or so. At the start I have used some small cluster with all references to front panel controls/indicators and then during few month this one claster become bigger and contains all information I needed in sub vis. Application now is using DB instead of CSV. There is a lot of

execution time labview ftq


options like multiple export options and auto creation of daily production reports including ftq, pseudo fails, retests, test time and machine usage (%). Also charts of fails are available. Now application is used in one Factory across more than 10 production lines.











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